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madame icons
actress | katie mcgrath
[+] 3293 caps
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[+] 720 x 385

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Note: If the file happens to expire, just let me know and I will re-upload.
Apr 25 2011(no subject)
actress | katie mcgrath
legendland 30 Day Hiatus Challenge

8 wallpapers
7 Friends Only banners

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Mar 06 2011(no subject)
actress | katie mcgrath
Part 2 of my picspam for legendland. AND WITH THIS, MAH MINI BIG BANG IS FINISHED.

Overall theme = SISTERS OF THE DARK

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Mar 02 2011(no subject)
actress | katie mcgrath
Oh hai, it's been forever since I've updated this thing. Anyway.

Just dropping off one of my picspams for the legendland mini Big Bang. My overall theme is Sisters of the Dark, and the prompt for this particular picspam is "weapon". DACRAS ARE THE SHIZZ. I WANT ONE.

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Jul 25 2010(no subject)
actress | katie mcgrath
Just a Mini!Picpspam of one my favorite Legend of the Seeker scenes evar (and favorite Richard/Nicci scene). Plus walllpappppeerrr.


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Jul 12 2010(no subject)
actress | katie mcgrath

34 Legend of the Seeker icons. Mostly Nicci (20 of those for character20n20) and some random stuff from legendland or whatever.

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Jun 21 2010(no subject)
actress | katie mcgrath
I have a new shipppp. Richard/Nicci. It's so wrong. But so right. I made stuff. Here it is. I will be making more stuff later because I'm obsessed. Yay.

10 icons
1 wallpaper
1 header/banner whatever
1 other banner + friends only sign

Links to 2 videossss

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May 27 2010 - PICSPAM
actress | katie mcgrath
And with this, I am finished with my Big Bang Alt for legendland. WOO HOO.

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actress | katie mcgrath
My Big Bang Alt challenge for legendland (GO JOIN TEAM RICHARD).

My theme is "Episodes whose episode names end in the letter 'n'" Yes xD. Spoilers up to "Unbroken", obvs, since it ends in "n" :p

25 | Legend of the Seeker icons
10 | Legend of the Seeker wallpapers

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